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50 Ways To Open The Classic French Nails


French nail means that in the leading edge of nature, a line with a perfect arc is depicted clearly and accurately with a single nail polish, and the width and arc of a pair of hands are kept in visual consistency. It is popular with women because of its simple and refreshing appearance. The style of french nail, which is neither ostentatious nor embellished, makes it becomes the universal nail design language all over the world.

The traditional french nail is painted with white nail polish, and a circular arc like a smile on the front of the nail. The unique term “smile line” in the manicure world is born. But now, due to the continuous development of french nails. On the basis of tradition, it has gradually derived a variety of fancy French manicure styles.

Classic White French Nail

The traditional nail design with a white “smile line” is made of transparent nail polish and a suitable white nail line. It is very durable. This kind of pure white style is also the first choice for many white-collar women who have already worked.

Derived Classic Manicure

Compared with the basic French Nail, the derivative style will be more gorgeous. You can choose to add shells, diamonds, pearls, stickers and other elements, or you can choose a longer model. Anyway, just add a little bit of highlights and your nails will be different!

White Space Can Be A Variety Of Colors

Nowadays, there are many kinds of color changes, and the definition of French style is gradually expanded. Any use of two colors, and there is a clear border, can be called French nails. Before the white part is no longer a single color, as long as you can think of can be applied.

French Style In Summer

The feeling of summer comes from the different colors. From the traditional French nails evolved from some of the alien French, coupled with colorful, in the coming summer, they will be very popular.

Some Tips

Nowadays, the white part of many French manicures is very long. The truth is it needs to be corrected here. It’s not an authentic French Nail. The recommended ratio of demarcation should be 4:1 or 5:1, so French style is more suitable for women with long nail bed. Otherwise,you can choose other kinds of nail designs.

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